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Lunch With Les - 2016 Week 4, Auburn

Mississippi State v LSU Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Miles starts off with a healthy subtweet to all you bozos who left the game after halftime...Praised Etling’s performance and variety of player’s catching balls, the OL’s performance with so many subs, and the defense for holding it together after two fumbles in the 2nd half...Fournette had no swelling after the game, is full go from here on out...Praised Growden’s improvement...does his best to praise Auburn and the job Kevin Steele has done there so far...was completely surprised when Steele took the Auburn job...more praise for Etling, doesn’t anticipate any issue for him going on the road...likes how he improvises and reads coverage in pre-snap...OL had any easy time adjusting to personnel changes because all of the used combinations had been tested before in the preseason, credits Grimes with getting that prep work done...sidesteps a question about Kevin Toliver’s performance...”Should [Etling] be worried that if he makes a mistake, he will get pulled?” LES MILES: “No.”...When asked for details about the OL injuries: “Homeland Security has told me it's not a thing I can do.”...says it’s the OL’s choice if they want to wear knee braces or not, they work better for some than others...praise for Dameyune Craig for getting the receiver's ready to work with Etling, DJ Chark in particular...there will be a lot of talk about ball security in practice this week...will prepare for all of Auburn’s options at QB, but doesn’t believe they will change their scheme much no matter who is under center...On you weak people who left early:

”Now, you know, on the -- the people that left, we would encourage them to stay because when they stay they make a lot more noise and the opportunity -- I did notice several of our guys say, "Bring some noise." We would like to have some support, and we felt like the stadium at that point was not manned as well as it could have been.

But, again, I recognize, hey, listen, Tigers are up 20. Go ahead and finish this thing and let's call it a day. Sometimes it doesn't happen quite that effectively and you would like to have that crowd right in their seats making a lot of noise.

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Changes 9/19

RG: Josh Boutte back, named co-starter, Donavaughn Campbell removed

QB: Danny Etling named co-starter, listed first