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Tiger Tracklist: Auburn

Should have made the noose a little tighter.

NCAA Football: Texas Bowl-Louisiana State vs Texas Tech Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t hate Auburn. I just don’t. Or at least, I don’t hate them in the normal sense of the word. I cannot find it in me to hate Auburn in the same way that I hate Ole Miss or Alabama, especially in football. LSU and Auburn have played too many memorable games for me to truly harbor any vitriol towards them. Just think of how many games between LSU and Auburn don’t even have to be referenced by year.

The Earthquake Game. Bring Back The Magic. The Barn Burner. The Cigar Game. The SEC Playoff. The John Vaughn Game. Pass Interference. The Call. Driving The General Lee.

And then there are moments that will last in college football’s memory like Cam’s insane run and Leonard Fournette running over Auburn twice. Between 2001 and 2008 there was not a more consistently physical game in college football. So while as a fan I may dislike Auburn, it’s definitely more of “I hate you, but damn if I don’t respect you” deal.

But this year I’m right there with you, out of necessity more than anything else. It’s nothing personal towards Auburn, but there is no more room for error in the rest of the season. Les is not only fighting for his job, but the rest of the season as well. Everything is still on the table for LSU, there just isn’t any room for error anymore. We saw what happened the last time Les was “pretty much fired;” it’s time to do it again. Les Miles got a second chance. Never give him a second chance because that’s when he is at his most dangerous. Les got desperate and made a change at quarterback against Jacksonville State and all of a sudden the offense has started to click like it hasn’t before. Coming into the season, we knew the only thing stopping this team from being great was the quarterback play. Well, we have a quarterback now. They should have made the noose a little tighter because now it’s time to put the SEC on notice.

It won’t be easy, but since when has playing at Jordan-Hare ever been easy? Since when has anything ever been easy? At this point it’s either us or them, and it damn sure won’t be us.

So what do you say, do you want to put Auburn in the market for a new head coach or what?