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3rd Annual Paul Crewe Survivor Pool: Week 4


Week 3 came and went without much of a flutter. Only two were eliminated and only because they failed to pick. Overall, it was a poor slate of games and those leaning on Kentucky were rewarded, as they actually pulled through for once.

This Week’s Games

Kent State @ #1 Alabama

Bama spent most of the 1st half of last week lying spread eagle on a table while Ole Miss took a knife and stabbed the table beneath them between body parts. Sure, they took a few deflecting knife blows, but they rallied to crush the Rebels, as our dark overlords so often do.

#12 Georgia @ #23 Ole Miss

Fresh off a very contested matchup with East foe Mizzou, where Georgia pulled it out with some late game heroics from Jacob Eason, they will now take on an Ole Miss team that’s at the mesh point of rallying or having a disaster season. Ole Miss is weak in a lot of areas that will make it hard for even Chad Kelly to overcome. Georgia hasn’t been terribly impressive and hasn’t played a team as good as Ole Miss just yet.

#19 Florida @ #14 Tennessee

The line has moved out making Tennessee almost full TD favorites at Neyland vs. the Gators. But there’s also that whole 11 straight losses thing. The Vols should have gotten the job done last year. And probably the year before that. Again here we have two teams that probably aren’t terribly good and the victor will likely draw illogical amounts of praise next week for beating up on a similarly porous team.

Mississippi State @ UMass

The Bulldogs make the trip up the coast to battle the Minutemen inside an NFL stadium. This seems like a bad business idea. Davis Wade is one of the smallest stadiums in the conference. UMass games are some of the most sparsely attended in FBS. And we’re gonna bank on them putting asses in a 65K+ NFL venue? Anyways, State are heavy favorites at least.

Vanderbilt @ Western Kentucky

Western Kentucky won 12 games last year. That’s like a Vanderbilt scholarship’s player entire career. Derek Mason is trying to get this one dubbed “Backyard Brawl,” which is cool, except for the fact that you don’t really dub blowouts with nicknames.

#18 LSU @ Auburn

Some Tiger on Tiger action on the Plains. LSU are modest favorites on the road. This game is typically a bellwether for each team but LSU already has one loss and Auburn a pair. This is more probably for jockeying position in the West without much national implication.

South Carolina @ Kentucky

Well, this is certainly a football game that will be played. Or at least it’s an attempt at playing a football game.

#17 Arkansas @ #10 Texas A&M

This weekend’s marquee matchup is an old Southwest Conference battle and it should be a hell of a showdown. Arkansas usually slumps it’s way into November before deciding they’d actually like to show up and play football. Texas A&M usually comes out swinging until November when they go quietly into the night. This year they are both undefeated!

Good luck out there!