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LSU Falls Out of The Top 25; the Morning After

The Tigers sit at 2-2 and unranked. Where do they go from here?

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

It should come as no surprise, but following last night’s loss to Auburn, LSU has fallen out of the ESPN/USAToday AmWay Coaches Poll. The Tigers were previously No. 17.

At 2-2, the end of the Les Miles Era is almost certainly upon us. As to whether that happens today, tomorrow or later in the season, I do not have an answer as of now.

Sources have been radio silent today. Full disclosure: I had heard very late Friday that the week of practice had been pretty rough, and there was very much a feeling that a bad game was possible, and that if it happened, a firing could then also be possible.

I do not know if that will be the case today or not.

If there is no word today, I imagine Miles will coach LSU next week in Tiger Stadium against Mizzou. But whether it’s today, tomorrow or later on in the season, I do believe LSU and Miles will part ways.

I imagine that there will be some disagreement on how it will be done, both within our staff and readership. I do know that things will only fester if this wound is left open, and LSU has somebody with significant interim coaching experience on hand in Ed Orgeron. Given what happened last year, and the ridiculous politics involved in both LSU’s and Louisiana’s leaders at the moment, the longer and more public this process becomes, the less of a chance there is that the hire will be a move that makes people happy. I do know that Miles will never quit on his players. Whether they’ll quit on him remains to be seen.

I will not speculate on names or anything more until there is word on Miles’ status. We’ll have the updates for y’all soon as we get them.

UPDATE: Annnnnd we’re off!