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Lunch with DACOACHO 9/26/16 - Mizzou 2016

Interim Head Coach Ed Orgeron is Introduced

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Alleva, the snake, thanks Les and his family for all they’ve done, then introduces Ed Orgeron as the new head coach. Despite saying otherwise before hand, both Alleva and LSU president F. King Alexander bolted from the room right after Coach O was done speaking and flatly refused to answer when questioned directly about the buyout towards the end of Coach O’s speaking time. Alleva can fire a man on a Sunday afternoon, but doesn’t have the stones to take any questions on the matter.

“What do you say, guys!?” Coach O thanks everyone, including Miles, for the opportunity he has today...talks about his love for LSU football, growing up under Arthur Cantrelle, Cholly Mac, and Pete Jenkins...wants everyone to come out on Saturday and support the team...runs through the new staff, confirming yesterday’s reports and some changes we had not yet heard: Aranda as DC and Associate Head Coach, Ensminger OC/QB coach, Dameyune Craig adds Recruiting co-ordinator to his WR job, former GA Eric Mateos is now the TE coach, Pete Jenkins is coming out of retirement to fill O’s DL coach role, Peveto has been asked to drop his LB duties and focus soley on Special Teams, GA Dennis Johnson is now full time OLB coach, Austin Thomas is now Assistant AD and director of player personnel, Kragthorpe stays on as chief of staff and will work with O and Ensminger on non-gamedays to craft the offense. Local radio broadcaster and friend of the site Derek Ponamsky is now a “special assistant to the head coach” week practice will be open to the media at certain times, which will be a first since at least before Saban, possibly longer than that....His vision for the offense: “We're going to spread the ball out a little bit, do some different things, change the style of play. There's a lot of things on offense that we've done well, running the football, and we want to have a different passing game. We want to be more creative, find ways that the quarterback can get the ball down the field throwing it. Obviously, we know people hold up the box on Leonard and Derrius Guice, and we want to put the ball in our playmakers' hands. We want to throw short for the quarterback and move the ball down the field. You have to score points these days.”...repeatedly passes on talking about what this interim job could mean for him, instead shifting the focus to making the players successful...when asked about how he’s changed since the Ole Miss HC gig: “I went full speed ahead and I wanted to do everything, coach the quarterbacks, the receivers and I don't know nothing about 'em but I wanted to do it my way. And I learned about that.” talked about the importance of delegation...more on the offense: “We're going to be very multiple and I'm still a pro-style guy, but spreading the ball around means 11 personnel, 10 personnel, 21 personnel, spreading it around, going back to 21, throw the ball to the tight ends, short, easy throws from the quarterback, stuff that I'm familiar with in my past, and past offense that we ran and had success. Also, with Steve Ensminger, he has had some success at other schools. We're putting all that stuff together. Again, it's about the type of players we have, what we can run, what's familiar to them and it's not so foreign that we can't put it in in a week.”...Was asked who the starting QB would be: “I don't know that. It's my first day, you know?” (it should be noted that in a new depth chart released to the press in attendance, the -or- tag has been removed from Danny Etling)...there will be a focus on clock management in practice and in the press box during games...asked about keeping the recruiting class together: “We were on the phone last night. As soon as we met with the team we got in. We had what we called a LSU Power Hour. We passed the phone. Called all our recruits. Obviously, they was sad. Coach Miles had talked to every one of them almost weekly. They had called him or he had called them. They were good friends with their parents, but they were very excited that I'm the interim head coach. I've known most of them. So the response was very positive.” specific gameplan mentioned for Mizzou, but they’re working on it...talked specifically to Fournette, and he’s all in.

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