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Godchaux Arrested, Suspended

LSU defensive linemen accused in violent incident involving girlfriend.

LSU v Wisconsin Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

According to The Advocate, Davon Godchaux was arrested by Monday morning and charged with misdemeanor battery/child endangerment and false imprisonment.

LSU SID Michael Bonnette told the Advocate that Godchaux has been suspended indefinitely.

The Advocate reports that the victim, the mother of Godchaux’s 10-month old son, had gotten into an argument with Godchaux over reported infidelity in the relationship with Godchaux suggesting the two should separate. The victim told police she became “increasingly upset.”

When the victim tried to leave the apartment where the two were located, Godchaux grabbed her by the hair and at a later point grabbed her by her shoulder and ““tossed (her) backwards near the couch.”

Police noticed what appeared to be a swollen lip and red marks on her throat.

The victim was charged with a misdemeanor summons for domestic abuse battery/child endangerment, according to the police report.

An AP report says that Godchaux told investigators that he never tried to prevent the victim from leaving and had asked several times if he could leave.

The police report also states that Godchaux, who has braces, had cuts on the inside of his mouth.

Any updates will be posted as they come in.