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In da Film Room: My Application

Praise Be To Your New Offensive Coordinator

McNeese State v LSU
Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

I’ve decided to throw my hat in the ring and apply to become LSU’s next offensive coordinator. I have notable experience in NCAA 2004 (and FIFA 2014 for what it’s worth). I watch a lot of football and am well versed in the teachings of Rod Gilmore. Also, purple and gold are, like, my favorite colors. I think I’m a perfect candidate and if someone wants to give me Coach O’s cell number, I should have the job in no time.

LSU’s offense needs to come out of the dark ages and I have put together this power point presentation to illustrate how I, as the new coordinator, would go about doing it.

Step 1 -

Have better quarterbacks.

Step 2 -

Throw more screens. Enough of this double screen garbage that doesn’t work (BECAUSE YOU NEVER ACTUALLY THROW THE RECEIVER SIDE OF IT)

I swear we’ve never completed that pass ever. Instead, how about some new creative ways to run screens to get your explosive running backs involved in the passing game:

Here’s Bowling Green making it look like their trips receiver is running a shallow cross but is actually cracking on the screen. Of course, LSU would have to hire Mark Richt if they were ever going to run mesh/shallow cross but if someone can give me Coach Richt’s cell number, I can fix this problem immediately. Mark would be a great addition to my staff as a graduate assistant.

You can even pair these types of slip screens with 1 defender read quick game combos. Eli Manning and the Giants have been doing this for years. They’ll run stick to the field and if the first read is not there, Eli comes back to the weak side for the slip screen.

Step 3 -

Have your quarterbacks hit post routes consistently. If I put all the clips I have of Brandon Harris overthrowing wide open post routes, your computer would melt and I don’t want to be responsible for any damages to personal property.

Step 4 -

Spread teams out and still run the damn football. I apologize in advance for all the Baylor clips I’m about to show but also, if anyone knows Coach Briles cell number, I can make sure that Art Briles doesn’t come anywhere near the LSU campus.

Look at how much of a bind the field side safety is in because of the split by the top side receiver. He’s so far out of the box, he can’t really involve himself in the run game. Also, this play is really cool because it looks like your run of the mill zone read but I think it’s a designed fake where the tailback ends up leading for the QB.

Step 5 -

RPO’s. We saw this a few times last year where LSU would run a weakside slant and pair that with a run play. Harris would read to see if the backer flowed with the run to decide whether to throw the slant or not.

Here’s Oklahoma State running an RPO to the tight end on a little pop pass. The interesting thing about this is that the play is designed to look like zone read with an arc release by the tight end.

Again, we can see how the splits of the receivers forces the strong safety to show his hand pre-snap.

Step 5 -

Use interesting formations. Here is Baylor finding a way to run the ball out of an empty formation. Imagine that wing back is Guice

Here’s Texas Tech in a loaded backfield (with wide splits from the receivers) doing interesting things:

Step 5 -

Run more draws. Create some misdirection in the run game to help your running backs. This is Baylor running a really cool draw/dart RPO look:

Step 5 -

Get to the edge more. Run more jet sweeps and the like. Use the tremendous speed LSU has at receiver. Especially on the goal line. LSU used to bring in Ryan Perrilloux to run speed option on the goal line back in the day and scored a ton of touchdowns like that.

All you need to do is get to the pylon.

Step 5 -

Let fans call the plays from the stands. If noted offensive enthusiast Rich Rodriguez can do this, we shouldn’t LSU ???

Step 5 -

Don’t schedule other teams from the SEC West. It’s going to take time for the new offense to gel so I think 2017 would be a good time to schedule as many cupcakes as possible.

Get these guys on the schedule

Step 5: Conclusion -

With these changes, I think I could really bring LSU’s offense into at least the top 100 offenses in the country.