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Initial Impressions: LSU 14, Wisconsin 16


Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

LSU played like garbage and then they lost.

Leonard Fournette looked nothing like his usual self, but even his down game is 138 yards on 23 carries. He was tackled by the shoe string more in this game than he was all of last year. Still, he came to play.

So did Tre White. He had a pick 6 and a huge fumble recovery that would eventually put LSU up 14-13. He had a great game, and made the requisite big plays.

Everyone else was doo doo. This team played like garbage and got dominated on both sides of the ball, plus special teams. And despite playing terribly all game long, LSU went into the 4th quarter with a lead and even had a chance to win the game late.

Instead, Brandon Harris threw an interception on a pass that I still can't figure out who the intended receiver was. After a miserable, 0-3 1st quarter, Harris had bounced back to have a somewhat decent line, only to make the kind of mistake a QB cannot make. He forced the ball to no one, and the result was disaster.

The defense had a fairly lousy game all day. Wisconsin moved the ball at will, and Troy Fumagali caught 7 balls for 100 yards. Whenever the Badgers needed yards, they got them.

Wisconsin had more rushing yards, more passing yards, the same number turnovers, and of course, more points. They won this game every which way a team can win this game, though it looked for a bit that LSU would manage to steal it. Instead, this is LSU's first non-conference regular season loss since 2002. A 52 game streak snapped.

LSU got beat like a drum. This wasn't a fluke. Wisconsin was flat out better, despite the recruiting rankings. And now, one game into the season, this team is at a crossroads.