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Tiger Tracklist: Missouri

Welcome To The Ed Orgeron Era

For the first time in 12 years, Les Miles will not be on the sidelines in Death Valley. This may have been in the cards, but nobody knew it was coming this soon.

However the time for feeling sorry is over. There is a football game on the horizon and with it comes a new lease on life.

LSU has two losses. They’re all but eliminated from the college football playoff race and in all likelihood out of the SEC race, which is a statement on the SEC West more than anything else. Our conventional goals are no longer the focus anymore. Louisiana native Ed Orgeron finally got an audition for his dream job, and if he wants to turn it into more than an audition, he has to take a team of exceptionally gifted athletes and a team of highly touted assistants and win football games. LSU can now take on a position that suits them best: creating chaos. If our season is ruined, then so will be the season of everybody on our schedule.

Coach O believes in a philosophy of “one team, one heartbeat” and you - yes you, the fan - are an extension of that team. In the past I’ve been critical on our fan base and for good reason, but now there’s no point in it. The knives came out and there was no putting them back until there was blood on them. There is no longer be a rift between the fans. We’re all one, together in a new era of LSU football.

The least we can do is take after O’s mantra and move forward together.

Missouri leads the all-time series against LSU with a record of 1-0. Let’s change that Saturday. This is a new era of LSU football, so let’s reset. Get to LSU and drink like there is no tomorrow. Love him or hate him, take a shot for Les Miles for 12 great years and then be done with it. Get to the stadium and be vocal. National media will contribute to the circlejerk and continue to say that Death Valley, Louisiana is the hardest place to play a road game in the nation, but you and I both know it’s been a while since it’s been at full throat. And stay for the game. Don’t leave until you’ve sung the Alma Mater twice. I’m looking at you here, student. Tigerland will be waiting there for you after the game.

Coach O is re-energizing the program across Nicholson. It’s our duty to re-energize Death Valley.