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3rd Annual Paul Crewe SEC Survivor Pool

You’re all a bunch of winners


Week 4 is the week we all decided we needed more Cowbell and somehow we were yet rewarded. 14 picks, 11 picked the Bulldogs. So I commend Jimbo1983 less for his taste in coaches and more for his bravery in picking Vanderbilt against any team with a pulse, which takes juevos. So here we are, 12 left standing after losing two who forgot to pick.

Link to Spreadsheet.


*I totally effed that up last week.

This Week’s Games

#23 Florida @ Vanderbilt

Vandy is riding high after pulling off a bit of an upset over Western Kentucky last week. Yet, they remain a remarkably terrible football. Florida is reeling after losing their grip in the 2nd half vs. Tennessee. So, naturally, Florida will beat Vanderbilt by 643 points.

Louisiana Monroe @ Auburn

ULM will try to do what LSU could not: win at Auburn. Perhaps they will be better at the whole “snap the ball before the clock hits zero” thing. Auburn will try to “build” upon an “important victory” vs. LSU. Who are we kidding, this sets up to be the game that gets Gus fired.

Tennessee @ Georgia

Tennessee’s biggest accomplishment is rallying to beat a Florida team that’s maybe not even top 25 worthy. Georgia’s biggest accomplishment is rallying to beat a UNC team that’s maybe not even top 25 worthy. If Tennessee wins people are going to start telling you they are National Championship material. People will be wrong.

#9 Texas A&M @ South Carolina

A couple years ago Sumlin used a beating of South Carolina to kick start his annual Aggie September Hype Train. A&M might actually have an honest to goodness decent football team this year. South Carolina is your dog’s day old microwaved poop.

Kentucky @ Alabama

John Calipari has a deep and talented team that shoul... oh. Mark Stoops has a bad team that’s about to get eviscerated because Nick Saban is in a bad mood because some 19 year old kid didn’t do what he wanted. This will be a Blake Barnett Mercy Killing.

Memphis @ #16 Ole Miss

Ole Miss put a whipping on Georgia and this time didn’t let up. Memphis has given Ole Miss fits the past couple of years but these are different teams at this point.

Missouri @ LSU

Tigers on Tigers for the second week in a row. Missouri spent last week thrashing Delaware State. LSU spent last week firing their coach. What could possibly go wrong?