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LSU Suspends Josh Boutte for One Game

Senior guard will sit out the Jacksonville State game.

NCAA Football: Lambeau Field College Classic-Louisiana State vs Wisconsin Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

The official announcement came down yesterday: LSU will suspend senior offensive guard Josh Boutte for one game after his late hit at the end of the loss to Wisconsin.

The official statement:

I’m good with this discipline. The outrage into this hit overdrive quickly, meanwhile a USC player stomping on an Alabama player’s genitals to the delight of all, so spare me the moralizing.

Boutte committed a very stupid, very dirty play, and he deserves this suspension. Personally, I’d probably consider putting him on the bench for additional time mostly because well, he’s not that good. But he didn’t chop somebody’s knee, he didn’t twist and ankle and he didn’t draw a targeting foul. Or skate on one like Texas’ safety on Sunday night. It would be different if he had a track record of plays like this, but he doesn’t.

He committed a flagrant personal foul, and he’ll sit out a game for it. That’s all I really have to say.