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Phidarian Mathis Commits to Alabama

Tough loss here. Mathis really elevated his stock during his senior season and LSU felt good about their position, perhaps as recently as yesterday. Mathis recruitment remained 50/50 throughout the process, but Alabama did enough in the end to secure his commitment.

This isn’t the lead into National Signing Day that Orgeron hoped for. LSU has 6 spots to fill and Mathis was hoped to take one of those vacancies. Does that staff try and nab someone like Justin Harris now? We’ll find out in 24 hours.

The most painful part here is that LSU continues to hemorrhage in the northern part of the state. Mathis is a top 100 DL that would have added superb depth to LSU’s growing group, but instead he’s off to Bama. Despite it not being a banner year in state, LSU is sitting with only one top 10 player in state committed, if you count Dylan Moses as a Louisiana athlete.

That’s a tough way to begin your tenure, if you are Ed Orgeron.

LSU now must hope to pull Marvin Wilson and hold on to Neil Farrell.