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4th Annual Paul Crewe SEC Survivor Pool: Week 7

Well, Kentucky put a scare in some folks, but wound up delivering. It’s called survivor for a reason, folks,,,, But still we had losers that failed to pick. Losers named NeedzMoarLolz (former Survivor pick ‘em champion) and bbig. Losers.

I have reinstated VandyTigerPHD because anyone that plans this much for the silly game will have my sympathies.

This Week’s Games

BYU @ Mississippi State

If BYU wins, LSU will have a transitive win over Mississippi State! If State wins, they will have an actual win over BYU. This college football game is full of twists and turns.

South Carolina @ Tennessee

Tennessee is coming off the best bye week in human history. Where their starting QB quit and two players got into a fight at practice. Amazing. South Carolina beat Arkansas like a drum, which I think says a whole lot more about Arkansas.

#10 Auburn @ LSU

This game is always wild. Unless it’s not. Then it’s usually awful. Hopefully this year it’s wild! Because if it’s not, it will be awful. And we don’t want it to be awful. We’d much rather it be wild. Because again, if it’s not wild, it will be awful. There is no other option.

Vandy @ Ole Miss

Am glad the “Vandy is pretty legit this year, guys” crowd died a quick death. My god are both these teams bad. This might be the most unwatchable game of a weekend that also includes a Rutgers/Illinois matchup. Pre-game, these teams should switch coaching staffs and see what type of fun ensues. Could make it interesting.

Texas A&M @ Florida

Fine, I’ll say it: Florida is bad. They are so bad they lost a home game to a team that lost to Troy. Florida your football, woof! Texas A&M is actually not bad. Like a panini. It’s never the first sandwich you’ll go for, but when you wind up with one it’s never a bad decision really. Sure, A&M’s most impressive accomplishment to date is that they didn’t get obliterated by Alabama. But even FSU couldn’t manage that one. So I think the Aggies are pretty good! They should beat Florida comfortably. I hope so. Because I want Florida to lose forever.

Arkansas @ #1 Alabama

Oh dear god the SEC is gonna get charged for conspiracy to commit murder on this one. The Hogs are unspeakably bad. People are over here asking about LSU making a bowl and you got Arkansas double-fisting, “Hold my beers.” Year 5 of Bert is going exactly as planned. Just wait till he gets his guys in there! Alabama doesn’t have a QB, but their 19-headed RB rotation is difficult to stop anyway.

Missouri @ #4 Georgia

Almost copy pasted the Arky/Bama description and did a find replace. Georgia is going to beat Missouri by 400 points and then apologize for not winning by 800 points. Georgia is the best team in the SEC. They will beat Alabama in the SEC Championship Game. Screenshot this tweet so you can mock me when I delete it later.

Good luck!