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Tiger Tracklist: Auburn

There is one universal truth in this life...

I don’t do it for the peers, I do it for the fam.

By now, you’ve probably heard about Auburn’s streak in Death Valley so much that the words don’t even register to you. It’s gotten to the point where to really drive home the point we have to cut it with “UAB and Troy have two more wins in Death Valley this millennium than Auburn does.”

Troy and UAB have a combined total of two, by the way.

The cigar butt Tommy Tuberville smoked in Tiger Stadium is old enough to vote.

I was broke last week but today is a new day

But I can’t help but feel that it’s been played up because this year above any other year since 1999, Auburn probably has their best chance of winning in Baton Rouge. Not only are the Auburn Tigers rounding into form while the LSU Tigers are trying to piece something good enough for bowl eligibility together, the advantage of playing in Death Valley on Saturday night has been taken off of the table.

But I’m by no means counting out the Bayou Bengals. Last week proved LSU can pull it together and win those gut-check games that the SEC brings en masse. But Auburn is a much better team than Florida is and LSU will have to bring a better effort to the field to even have a puncher’s chance at a victory.

This game will shape LSU’s season, Coach O’s first as full time head coach. A win here gives you a shot at the SEC West, don’t worry about how long of a shot it is and what it entails. It also almost erases the apathy and disgust that grew like kudzu in the first half of the season. But a loss does nothing to cull it, and allows for more growth.

Squad like the Dream Team, all we rock is gold
If you really real son let me know

The effort required to win on Saturday is not only limited to the team. So it’s not going to be a night game in Death Valley, but rather a day game in Tiger Stadium. That’s no reason for there to be large sections of grey in the stadium at 2:30 p.m. Saturday. The stadium should be swarmed with gold shirts with the exception of Auburn fans in the southeast corner who made the mistake of going to the game. You say you hate Auburn? Prove it. Show up and show them how much you really hate them. Be loud and be intense. Do your part to protect and extend the streak. Lift the team up when they need it the most.

Show Auburn the one universal truth is this life: winners wear gold.