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Tell the Truth Monday: Auburn

How bout them Tigahs?

Auburn v LSU Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images
  • Winning remains outstanding.
  • This is the biggest win of Ed Orgeron’s coaching career and you could see the pure elation on his face as the clock expired.
  • I spent the weekend in Chicago and a driving rain storm knocked out the satellite at my bar of choice, so I missed the Chark punt return TD live.
  • Adjustments, adjustments, adjustments. O mentioned seeing a formation they hadn’t prepped for all week and adjusting their run fits ever so slightly seemed to be the turning point for a young defense that’s really starting to find itself.
  • That’s why you pay your coordinators multiple millions.
  • This offense is still overly reliant on big plays, but for another Saturday, it worked.
  • Canada seems to be finding more and more creative ways to get the ball to this offense’s playmakers, which is something we’ve been begging for for years now.
  • Sure, they didn’t all work, but some did. The wildcat seemed ill-timed, but I get the thought of trying to hit them with something surprising fresh off a big gain.
  • The motion that setup Gage’s huge run screamed out of the television to me that we were about to pop one. Clever design.
  • Gage is also the slowest fast person I’ve ever seen play football. Constantly appears to be moving in slow motion and yet, no one catches him.
  • That said, would really like for LSU to find some space for its tailbacks these last few weeks. Ole Miss leaky defense is a good place to start.
  • Arden Key is starting to come around. Thinking of him fully formed with a supporting cast that’s arriving… Look out.
  • Two weeks ago we were wondering if we’d even make a bowl. Now we are staring at a legitimate path to the Sugar Bowl.
  • This game felt important for the program as a whole. From a micro perspective, it spins this season positive. From a macro perspective, it shows O is answering some of the looming questions around his hire.
  • Always thought this team could hit 9 or 10 wins, but never expected a loss to Troy to be the path we arrived there.
  • Danny dropped a dime on the TD to Russell Gage, who is quietly becoming LSU’s all-purpose assassin (shout out to his stellar ST play). Hopefully that can build some confidence for 16.
  • No major injuries this week. Being healthy matters.
  • We didn’t choose DBU; DBU chose us.
  • Kevin Toliver II is back to the guy we remembered after his freshman year. Some of his breaks on the ball in the air were lethal. He’s a threat.
  • A real shame we couldn’t sell the joint out for the return of the 2007 squad, but those in attendance brought that energy. I suspect this win will bring the crowds back.
  • Can our local media cool it with the crowd shaming? I understand reporting, but tweeting a photo of empty seats so that a national writer can pick it up just seems worthless to me.
  • LSU football feels fun again for the first time in a long while. Maybe since 2011. Let’s ride the damn wave.
  • The young and banged up OL didn’t feel like nearly as big of a liability as they did against Florida last week. Challenge answered.
  • Cool ovation for Les. You wonder if it had been as enormous without LSU’s early season struggles. Losing puts things in perspective.
  • Devin White will have his cake and eat it too, thank you.
  • LSU is officially team “Why Not?” of the 2017 season.
  • Bourbon: still delicious.