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Competition Tuesday Says Enough With the Loser Talk

Don’t sing it, bring it.

Auburn v LSU Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Enough with the loser talk.

We’ve all fallen prey to it. And yes, it’s understood that a loss at home to Troy doesn’t do much to inspire. And yes, it’s understood that that loss coming on the heels of getting dominated by Mississippi State gives us good reason to give up. But you know who looks for reasons to justify their loser talk? Losers do.

You know who didn’t give up? This team. This coaching staff. When the grind got tough, these guys put their noses to it and went about turning things around. We griped about them quitting while we quit ourselves. So not again. This set of men banded together. They knew it didn’t meet the standard. They knew they didn’t meet the standard. They didn’t blame anyone else. They owned their failure. So we should too.

Our narrative shifted to “hopefully we don’t get blown out” which is the loser-est of loser talk. We speculated about failing to make bowl games. We talked about prematurely ending our coach’s tenure, not even halfway through the year. That’s the stuff losers do. Talk like a loser long enough and you become one.

And frankly, that’s not what we do here. This is the home of delusional optimism. This is the place you go where you will always believe, even in the face of all reason. This is the small corner of the internet where we actively think good things are about to happen, no matter what. And we cratered. We went to loser talk. We lowered expectations. We failed. Maybe for self-preservation. Maybe for fear. Maybe because we didn’t like the coach we hired. Maybe because we’re still sad about the coach our AD ran out of town. Maybe because it’s easier to bang the drum of bad feelings than it is to cling tightly to joy. The why doesn’t matter. It’s unimportant. Irrelevant. What’s important is that we ditch those threads and put our purple and gold victory suits back on.

So you know what, from this day forward, we’re believing. Down 20. Up 20. Against Alabama. Against Texas A&M. On the road. At home. Bowl game. Non-conference game. In a boat, with a cat, in a hat. I’m taking out the list of bad things that could potentially happen and using that shit for kindling for my new hopes and dreams fire. Because baby, we burning.

If you want to dwell in the darkness with the rest of the losers, then by all means enjoy fumbling around in foolery. But me and my house, we’re gonna talk like winners again. Because that’s what we are. That’s what we always were. There’s no delusion here. Just a championship mindset. Expect the best, because expecting anything else is loser talk.

Geaux Tigahs. Forever LSU.