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4th Annual Paul Crewe SEC Survivor Pool: Week 8

Everyone survived! Hooray, what a glorious bunch of zombies you all are.

Please make sure your picks are in the comments for my sake.

This Week’s Games

Idaho @ Missouri

A game that Missouri can win! Maybe!

/checks S&P+

Oh god Missouri is gonna lose at home to Idaho, aren’t they?

Tennessee @ #1 Alabama

Oh my god this is a crime against humanity. Butch Jones followed up the greatest bye week in human history by failing to score a TD. Again. 10 full quarters now without a TD. Futility, thy name is Volunteers. Alabama is rolling up on people precisely the way you would expect a team with 942* consecutive no. 1 recruiting classes would.

*No need to fact check. It’s legit.

Kentucky @ Mississippi State

Possibly the most interesting game of the weekend. Kentucky has 1 loss but hasn’t looked good doing it. State demolished LSU and then promptly took it on the chin from Georgia and Auburn. I don’t think either of these teams are particularly good! But I don’t think either of them are particularly bad either! Should be a super fun middle of the conference showdown.

#24 LSU @ Ole Miss

Ole Miss is bad. They rank 8 spots worse than Florida in the S&P+, for context. LSU is objectively mystifying. Blow out to State, loss to bad Troy, beat bad UF, beat good Auburn. Everyone else wonders which LSU you gonna get. I wonder if LSU will win by 3 TDs or 4.

#21 Auburn @ Arkansas

I’m foolish for smelling upset alert here, right? Arkansas is outright bad again. Auburn is not, but coming off a season-deflating loss on the road, only to back-up right back into another road trip? You got some prime emotional hangover material here. But did I mention Arkansas is bad?