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Tell The Truth Monday: Troy

On Mondays we tell the truth.

NCAA Football: Troy at Louisiana State Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports
  • I ran out of toilet paper last week and had to use paper towels once.
  • Things are rarely as good, nor as bad, as they seem.
  • An Orgeron coached team being loaded with soft quitters is the last way I imagined him failing, but here we are.
  • On that note, none of this really makes much sense. If you laid out 100 scenarios for this team failing, and asked me to rank them all, I’d rank this one near the bottom.
  • The rest of the SEC is so bad, LSU might honestly be able to salvage 8 wins out of this season.
  • The next several weeks will be rife with a lot of talk about other people’s money and how they should spend it.
  • LSU is, once again, without a QB. Etling is playing poorly. Brennan is making predictable freshman mistakes and being punished for them. This reeks of the exact scenario I laid out in August...
  • We’ve said it for weeks, but this team is pillowy. O’s shift in practice mentality seemed to help last year after Miles’ 3-hour grinders, but the physicality hasn’t carried over.
  • Over correction would be to return to the Miles ethos and wrong. Carroll’s teams never lack toughness; something is being lost in translation here.
  • Matt Canada’s track record is mixed with mostly solid results. He and O do not seem to be gelling at all, as O’s post game comments illustrate.
  • O’s leadership qualities are sorely lacking. Puzzling decision making in-game, defensive comments in press conferences.. he’s clearly wilting from the pressure and his team reflects that.
  • CEO’s take bullets. That’s in the job description. If you can’t handle it, don’t say that’s what you are.
  • On that note, know when to bark and bite. Tactical leaders know the right time to talk and the right time to swallow and take their lumps.
  • People can grow. Just this week I was taken to task by fellow leaders in my own job. I, too, locked up under pressure and failed to provide adequate answers, despite knowing them. I’ll learn and get better.
  • Saying “O is losing because of Les’ recruiting” is as stupid as saying “Les won with Saban’s players.”
  • LSU coaches and players clearly haven’t been telling the truth on Mondays
  • You can talk about complacency until you are blue in the face, but maybe losing to a truly marginal team will be the humbling straw, because clearly that message didn’t take the last three weeks.
  • Honestly, this is the part in the video game where I usually get frustrated and spring for the cheat codes.
  • Dialing back the offense was a strategic misstep. The players need to get up to speed, and pairing everything back to building blocks doesn’t promote learning.
  • It looks especially bad when you spent the offseason talking about how it was the easiest offense to install, teach and learn.
  • It’s time to stop rewarding more talented guys who will give less effort and play the guys that want to leave it all on the field. I’ll take effort over talent on this squad right now.
  • Unsurprisingly, the media members that sounded the horn loudest for Orgeron have now decidedly turned against him and back to clowning LSU.
  • These were the same folks who spent years trashing Les only to now drop, “Miss me yet? LOL” jokes. Fuck off.
  • The rushing numbers obscure the fact that our RBs were routinely facing contact at the LoS and heavily making their own way. Grimes is making $500,000+ and is the one of the highest paid OL coaches in the SEC. Another week why we must ask: Why?
  • Everyone wants to fire Alleva for hiring O, but shouldn’t that mean you are firing both?
  • Can you buy toughness on Amazon?
  • Bourbon is still delicious.