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Eating with Ed Week 6 - Florida

BYU v LSU Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

O called out Christian LaCouture and Greg Gilmore for good play on Saturday. After detailing all the different failures on Saturday and the usual opponent platitudes, it was question time.

  • The first big news item out of this presser came with the first question, where O says that he asked Canada to take out some of the shifts on offense. He later said it was the first, and last time he’s going to interfere with Canada’s offense. O had said after the game Saturday that he asked to reduce the shifts out of concern for the two true freshmen who had to start on the line in that game.
  • Guice is only not playing because of injury. Rashard Lawrence should return this week, and Ed Alexander and Frank Herron are still out until Auburn. Toby Weathersby and J.D. Moore are questionable. Arden Key is getting into better shape, but it will take time for him to get back up to speed after missing 8 months of practice.
  • O is as concerned as we all are about the energy level on the team and how the team lost a lot of motivation after the opening play fumble.
  • The QB swapping is likely done for the year. O had said from the beginning that Myles Brennan was only getting snaps in the last two games to make sure he’s prepared if Etling gets injured.
  • O broke down the defensive breakdown in detail on the play early in the 2nd half that gave Troy a 74 yard run.

It was a counter. And we had too many guys outside. We had the first guy splattered, what we call splatter, we used to call a spill. Next guy should have splattered, sent it to the safety.

We had one safety that was supposed to be up. The next safety was a little too tight. He's supposed to be back, what we call fox in the post. And he had cleanup duty. He came up. We had three guys overrun it and we had a seam and he hit it.

So it was a matter of execution on the defense and fits. And, by the way, they ran that play three times later and we crushed it. Just a bad fit that play.

  • Jack Gonsolin was prefect in practice last week, but obviously the FG kicking spot is an open competition right now.
  • Multiple times O was asked about a long term fix for the problems on both lines, to which he said they would be looking the JUCOs for immediate fixes.
  • There was a players only meeting after the game on Saturday, and O acknowledged the lack of leadership on the team, where no one has stepped up yet to fill the shoes of the great players LSU lost after last season.


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