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T-Bob Hebert’s A Song of Purple & Geauxld: Week Eight

A Lumping of Landsharks.

T-Bob Hebert

The fighting with the plainsmen of Auburn was fierce. At first it seems as if Lord Malzahn's forces would reign supreme. They easily broke through Death Valley's outer defenses and pushed the Swamp King to the brink of defeat. It was at this darkest of times, when it seemed that all was lost, that a miracle took place.

A blinding beam of light broke through the clouds and shone down upon the battlefield. The fighting temporarily ceased as both sides could hardly believe their eyes. Within that brilliant shaft there shone a silhouette of a man. Broad shouldered and lantern jawed, with his helm cocked high upon his brow... it was none other than the deceased warrior king, the mad Hatter himself, General Miles! Within his hands he held an object of great power... a talisman from a bygone age... the Crystal Ball of the BCS.

To all who looked upon the radiant form of the ethereal General, it appeared as if Miles was surrounded by warriors of old and heroes from the age of legends. It was at this time that the Swamp King's Warriors took heart. Surely destiny had deemed this their day, and they began to fight with renewed vigor and a passion that bordered on madness!

Wide-eyed and panicking, Lord Malzahn's forces broke. and where VICTORY had once seemed all but certain utter ruin and defeat were left in the retreating army's wake. And thus were the Plainsmen broken upon Death Valley as so many would be conquerors have been throughout history.

Having won his people's faith once more, the Swamp King turned his gaze north. Though it was a great victory indeed, Lord Orgeron knows that if he is to challenge the Crimson Emperor he must first shore up his supply lines, and thus a raid on Oxford was devised.

The lands of Ole Miss appear ripe for the taking. With their former Lord Hugh of House Freeze ousted thanks to political infighting and a certain penchant for ladies of the night, it would appear the perfect time to strike. Thus, do the fighting Tigers march north... with their chests held high, morale soaring, and songs in their breasts... the armies of the Purple and Gold march for victory once more!