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Tell the Truth Monday: Ole Miss

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Mississippi Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports
  • Stress level stayed at 6 Coors Banquet beers for this one.
  • Ole Miss is not a good football team.
  • I was never really sure why people were concerned about this one, thus I don’t have any major takeaways from it either.
  • Danny Etling hasn’t done enough to make me think he can challenge the Alabama defense in any way at all.
  • Guice is back looking more Guice-ish, but he’s still not 100%, no matter how much Blackledge wanted to say it.
  • LSU’s run defense against Alabama’s offense looks like the stuff nightmares are made of.
  • We’re not Ole Miss level bad, but we’re 9th in the conference and allowing over 4 YPC. Gonna need a special effort.
  • This LSU team will benefit wildly from the SEC having such a porous season. Two teams remaining on the schedule rank in the 90s in S&P+. Another ranks 60. They are good, not great.
  • In the future, people will look back and wonder how this team didn’t win 11 or 12 games. Different verse, same as the first.
  • No matter, it’s fun to see LSU playing decent football again. They dominated Ole Miss as they should have.
  • Canada’s offense is starting to spread its wings a bit and it’s nice to see LSU hitting a variety of targets every week.
  • It should be much more fun next season with a more capable QB and knocks on every piece of wood imaginable an OL with a truckload of experience.
  • Guice didn’t get the record this week, but he’ll have another shot against Tennessee, who has a similarly wretched run defense and could be without a head coach by then.
  • Darrell Williams being the first player in LSU history to hit 100 yards rushing and receiving in a game seems remarkable and impossible, but good for him.
  • Derrius Guice ranks 23rd nationally in rushing. He’s played in roughly 5 games.
  • Billy hit on it a couple weeks ago, but Delpit seems to have really turned a corner, his bust vs. Auburn notwithstanding. He played the best game of his career Saturday.
  • His safety-mate, John Battle, on the other hand, leaves something to be desired. Not sure why Monroe hasn’t taken that role yet.
  • Arden Key is obviously getting into shape. Looking much more like the player we’ve come to expect.
  • No major injuries again this week. Nice to be healthy.
  • LSU’s secondary put the Ole Miss WRs completely on lock. They only lost a couple times to the TE.
  • For example, the quartet of Brown, Jefferson, Lodge and Metcalf hauled 9 catches for only 91 yards. Against Alabama the same 4 snagged 9 for 141.
  • LSU ranks 3rd nationally and 2nd in the SEC in sacks, but only 60th nationally and 6th in conference in TFL.
  • This illustrates how few plays are being made in the run game.
  • A quiet game for Devin White this week. He got mauled on one run play, in particular.
  • 3 weeks ago people wondered if we’d even make a bowl. Heading into the bye, we are bowl eligible and control our own destiny.
  • 10 wins looks remarkably achievable for this team, which would be a quality opening salvo for Orgeron even if nobody would have drawn it up this way.
  • This team is believing in themselves and sometimes big things can happen when people believe.
  • Bourbon, still delicious.