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4th Annual Paul Crewe SEC Survivor Pool: Week 9

Back-to-back undefeated weeks!

Get your winners here! Nothing but winners here!

Jimbo, you got your pick in before 12 on Saturday, so I let it slide. If we’re gonna let Vandy cheat and stay in, we can let that slide.

This Week’s Games

Arkansas @ Ole Miss

The wreckage that is Fayetteville is starting to smolder enough to get some “Fire Bert” smoke. Objectively looking at his record he’s accomplished... nothing. His shining accomplishments are beating one marginal and one slightly less marginal LSU squad. Matt Luke is not doing anything to necessitate Ole Miss pulling the interim tag. First lame duck coach battle of the season? This game will be bad.

#3 Georgia @ Florida

Florida has had two weeks to dream up the many ways Georgia will beat their ass. Georgia’s resume grew over the bye week after the Irish decimated the Trojans. This is mismatch city. I know Florida has a recent rep of playing the Dawgs well, but not this year, not with 9 players off the roster, not with a bad young QB, not with a marginal defense. Dawgs are gonna roll....

Vanderbilt @ South Carolina

South Carolina are quietly only TD favorites in this home game. At 5-2 with a sneaky win over NC State, South Carolina is quietly putting together a sneaky campaign to slip into a New Year’s 6 bowl. For real. Vanderbilt, well, Alabama seems to have robbed their souls. They’ve lost every game by double digits.

Missouri @ UCONN

Mizzou got a win! And now they are 2 TD favorites on the road against a Randy Edsall coached team! How y’all feeling about using up that pick on Idaho?

Mississippi State @ Texas A&M

Game of the weekend? State refuses to play close games, either wiping the floor or getting wiped depending on the week. They’ve been impenetrable at home and far more vulnerable on the road. A&M’s resume isn’t horribly impressive and this is about the time of year they typically collapse in uninspiring fashion. These teams are both probably about equals, but Vegas likes State by a hair. Winner gets sole possession of 3rd place in the SEC West!

Tennessee @ Kentucky

Woe is you who held out on Tennessee until this week, when they suspended two of their best players before heading to Lexington. Butch Jones went into the damn leg closet and is rummaging around for one to be his last one to stand on. Shit is very over in Knoxville and just a matter of time. Kentucky, Poseur’s favorite team (yes, I’m throwing shade at his awful power rankings from last week), is not good and got even more embarrassed by State than LSU did. Thus, Poseur will move them up 3 spots in his rankings. Kentucky will probably route UT and Butch Jones will probably get fired on Sunday.

That’s it. What a shit awful weekend of SEC football!