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LSU-Arkansas Kickoff Moved to 11 A.M.


Elaborate Haunted House In Former Penitentiary Frightens Visitors Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images

You’d think we were beyond AOL.

You know, being Angry On Line. Particularly about home-game starts. CBS is one thing — it’s the game of the day, and just a cost of doing business as a big-time program.


LSU’s next home game, the Battle For the Ugly Metal Thingie with Arkansas, will kick off at 11 a.m. CT. As in 11 O’Clock. Ante Meridiem. In the morning.

ESPN has ruined what will be my final home game of the 2017 season (I’ll be out of town with my in-laws for the Texas A&M game).

I had hoped that the SEC Network would give LSU a chance to put this timeslot firmly in the past (LSU hasn’t played a home game in the old Jefferson Pilot slot since Kentucky in 2011), but ESPN still gets their right of refusal if CBS declines to pick up a game. And they also get one freebie on the schedule — a game they can move no matter what. After that, LSU can decline the earlier time slot, but in this case they have no recourse.

This adds a layer of trickiness to the matchup, with a crowd that will be undoubtedly flat for the game, to say nothing of the body-blow potential following up Alabama. This also means visiting recruits won’t get the full Death Valley experience, although it does give the coaching staff additional one-on-one time after the game.

Boo on you, World Wide Leader. Boo. On You.