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Eating With Ed Week 10 - Alabama

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Coach O opens with very brief talk of the off week, with compliments for Breiden Fehoko and Dee Anderson for their performances in a scrimmage. The usual compliments for Bama, with specific praise for their offensive and defensive lines and for Jalen Hurts. On to the questions:

  • Embracing that the game is the biggest on the schedule is the only option, cant pretend that it isn’t.
  • One of the reasons behind Matt Canada’s hire was the belief that his offensive system can give LSU an advantage vs Bama. Though O acknowledges that the best game plan in the world wont work behind a line that cant block.
  • Talked for a moment about how they learned last year that Danny Etling has to be patient with his throws in this game. It’s a huge opportunity for him.
  • Keeping the guys on both lines fresh will be critical this week against Bama’s seemingly endless depth at those positions.
  • This game isn’t only big in the standings, but Bama’s win streak is affecting recruiting, especially in North Louisiana. Gotta win on the field and win with recruits
  • Would only say that KJ Malone is “questionable” this week. No other injuries or suspensions discussed
  • No comment on the McElwain firing, Coach O said he didn’t learn of it until this morning

Was a noticeably short presser. Not many questions this week.


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