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4th Annual Paul Crewe SEC Survivor Pool: Week 6

It’s that time again.

Let’s pause for a moment and respect the fallen. LoneStarTiger01 and fatboyshuffle, I’m not sure what you both ever did to deserve this, but alas. TigerontheMountain, I’ll just assume lost internet coverage.

I’ve added a Sheet 2 for those of you blood thirsty heathens who enjoy the carnage.

This Week’s Games

#5 Georgia @ Vanderbilt

Your 2017 Vandy-Fun-Run has officially been derailed. The ‘Dores lost to Florida by 2 TDs, but made them fight for it. Yes, Vandy and Florida were in another dog fight of a game. Georgia put Tennessee in football prison and then burned the damn building to the ground. Dawg fans are just waiting for the bottom to fall out. This may be just the week!

Ole Miss @ #12 Auburn

Remember when Ole Miss might be a fun, disruptive team in the conference? Remember when Auburn looked sluggish to start the season? Yeah, me neither! Snooze fest.

LSU @ #21 Florida

This has the makings of the best game of the weekend and absolutely no one gives a fuck. LSU lost to Troy and their fanbase has taken the season-long surrender cobra. Florida fans have their arms up, ready to bend at the elbow to also assume the position. 2017 Bowl of Sadness!

Arkansas @ South Carolina

Join us this Saturday as these teams both simultaneously try to get back on track and simultaneously fail. This one should end in a tie. It just means more.

#1 Alabama @ Texas A&M

Alabama has responded to early season critiques of being a lesser version of themselves by doling out measured punishments in 60-point doses. Texas A&M, despite a glorious faceplant vs. UCLA, have returned to their typical SEC September level. Now that the calendar has turned, they can officially go back to being A&M. Alabama by 300.

Missouri @ Kentucky

A number 1 seed is on the line! I’m not sure if Mizzou can withstand Kentucky’s back court onslaught, but their press man defense could present some issues. If the Mizzou bigs can own the paint, we might just have a quality matchup on our hands here!

Choose wisely.