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Tell the Truth Monday: Florida

On Mondays, we tell the truth.

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
  • Winning sure is better than losing.
  • Especially beating Florida who have been so sanctimonious the past year that it feels just that they would lose in such a manner.
  • If we’re going to say a loss in this game would’ve spelled the premature end for Orgeron, we must acknowledge this performance addressed many of the concerns from previous weeks.
  • That doesn’t mean that there aren’t issues, only that this may be illustrative of O’s capability to handle them.
  • Rashard Lawrence is an impact player on this defense. Missing him has taken its toll.
  • Getting Frank Herron back this week should really go a long way to helping fill that void.
  • I moved to California and I love it except for the fact that I have about one friend here that cares about college football. I need more friends. Is there an app for that?
  • This staff should be planning for Brennan to see significant snaps in the near future. Etling looks more limited by the week, to the point that the staff essentially took the ball out of his hands to close the game.
  • Playing three freshman offensive linemen is almost certainly a factor there too, though. The young guys were exposed on a few occasions Saturday. Time to grow up fast.
  • LSU’s defense limped through the first six weeks of the season and still ranks 32nd in yards per play, 18th in Total Defense, 26th in Scoring Defense, seventh in sacks. Not bad.
  • The run defense is still a work in progress but allowed just 21 rushing yards on Florida’s final three possessions of the game. With the game on the line, the defense iced this thing.
  • That better carry over against Auburn or they will lay us flat.
  • The offense, on the other hand, utterly sputtered. After going up 17-3, the longest drive they managed was 27 yards. Gave the defense little to no support.
  • Already banging my head up against a wall trying to imagine this defense against Auburn. Where is the real Kevin Steele and what has Gus done with him?
  • Grit and toughness in the face of adversity is what everyone wanted to see, so the team served it up rare plus on Saturday, complete with starting QB sliding into contact trying to convert.
  • Devin White is the best linebacker to wear purple and gold since Bradie James.
  • This game was so poorly officiated I can’t wait to see the tap dancing Steve Shaw will do to justify it.
  • I haven’t any idea what targeting is and I don’t suppose any of the officials do either.
  • I loathe being ultra risk-averse on offense, as was the case with the final years of Les, but it may be the best strategy to deploy with a young defense still trying to figure it all out. Can’t afford to put ourselves in any holes.
  • Still think the best football lies ahead of this team.
  • I bet we beat the shit out of our bowl opponent.
  • Bourbon remains delicious.