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T-Bob Hebert’s A Song of Purple & Geauxld: Week 11

A Rancor of Razorbacks

T-Bob Hebert

The dead litter the battlefield…. screams of agony and pain waft through the air … though the Swamp King’s troops fought bravely, in the end their courage was not enough for the might of the Crimson Emperor… their shoulders slumped and heads held low, the survivors of the battle march back towards Baton Rouge… exhaustion and bitterness felt in every step… it was over… evil had won… they had been defeated yet again by Emperor Saban… the prophecy was broken… there would be no glory for the Swamp King… after all…

It was at this time, with his army caught in the grip of despair, that the Swamp King Addressed his Troops…

“Tigers countrymen, Lend me your ears… yes, we fell today… the battle was lost… but the war goes ever on! Even in defeat, we fought with such courage and ferocity that the forces of the Crimson Emperor will not soon forget what happened on this day! Look around you… what do you see? I see brothers fighters, fathers, and sons and we live yet! By all that I hold dear I swear unto thee that as long as I shall draw breath, I will not know defeat! I will fight for those who came before and those who are yet to come…. and one day… one day my brothers we will know victory… so take heart… for the campaign is not yet finished are there are still glories to be had.

It was at this moment that a ray of light burst through the overcast skies and descended upon the Swamp King. Upon seeing this, the flame of courage seemed to bloom in his troop’s breasts once more! Lord Orgeron saw this and was pleased, for tho he did not yet tell his men the fighting would come sooner than they could know. Scouts from Baton Rogue had brought reports of of the forces of House Bielema making a move on Death Valley. These Razorbacks, as they are known throughout these parts, would seek to take advantage of the Swamp King’s momentary weakness, surely not even the Fighting Tigers could be ready to give battle so soon after defeat… well then… let these cowards come… let them come and taste the Swamp King’s wrath, for these Tigers, will not be so easily defeated…

Audio available here.