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Tiger Tracklist: Arkansas

No hangovers.

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Alabama John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

In the past, Arkansas has been a major thorn in LSU’s side. The Tigers meet the Razorbacks after the most physically and emotionally draining game of the year, and it’s frankly one of the biggest games on the Hog’s schedule.

They’re always up for it and LSU rarely is. And the record history shows it. Time and time again the Arkansas would show up to play and LSU wouldn’t even be aware there was a game that week.

Last year, LSU avoided the hangover that had been chasing them for years. Not only that, they hammered the Razorbacks. In a moment of complete catharsis, LSU players all of a sudden realized what they had just won and sprinted to the other side of the field to lift the Golden Boot.

And now, the Tigers may actually be literally hungover for this game. 11 AM kickoffs are ideal for nobody, but it’s the hand we have been played. Arkansas is coming off of a narrow win over Coastal Carolina, to be blunt there should be no way that the Razorbacks hang with the Tigers at all.

But it’s possible. At this point, anything in this rivalry is and I put nothing past BERT, especially pulling out all of the stops in this game to save his job, which he may not have come Sunday if LSU takes care of business.

And it starts with you. Show up bright and early and spike your coffee if you have to. But you must be there and send a message to Arkansas: even early in the morning, you cannot slip by us and catch us off guard.