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4th Annual Paul Crewe SEC Survivor Pool: Week 11

Get ‘em in!

Much apologies. Let’s see if we can get picks in. If not a majority of picks get in, we will just call this a bye week. Sorry :(


Arkansas @ #24 LSU

Brunch time football! Woo!

ULL @ Ole Miss

Landsharks creep closer to 6 wins?

Florida @ South Carolina

Fightin’ Muschamp gets revenge?

#1 Georgia @ #10 Auburn

Game of the day of the week of the month of the year of the decade of the century.

Kentucky @ Vanderbilt

A real battle for SEC East Supremacy!

#2 Alabama @ #16 Mississippi State

Can the Bulldogs finally shock the Tide?

New Mexico @ Texas A&M

Aggies can’t fall this far, right?

Tennessee @ Missouri

Vols bout to get thumped by surging Mizzou, huh?