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Playin’... “Nice” with Rocky Top Talk

You’ll always be RTT’s Terry Lambert’s champion, Butch.

Buddy cop movie?

1. So now that Butch Jones has a lot of extra time, is he going to devote himself to a side hustle? Perhaps become the Champion of Lyft?

Maybe used car sales? Butch clearly has no problem selling things. He was a national punchline and he still got kids to come play for him. I have no idea how -- he must have a gift. "Five Star Heart Auto Sales" has a nice ring to it. I bet he'd kill it.

2. Or will he pick up a new hobby? Music perhaps...he could be the Champion of Fife?

Life coach. Butch is the master of taking any situation and spinning it positively. It was truly amazing. His line all summer long was that he was 17-4 in his last 21 games. Negativity has no place in his program. If you're gullible and don't mind lying to yourself a little bit, Butch can whip you right into shape!

3. If he went into the pest control business, could he eventually become the Champion of Mice?

I think he'd probably build a solid business, but he would probably fall short of catching that big one that could put him over the top. Nothing a few "leadership reps" can't fix.

4. Exactly how much money WILL John Gruden be turning down from Tennessee this year?

We've already seen the report of Gruden getting an offer of 10 million per year. That's a far cry from 2012, where Gruden was offered the Tennessee job, an ownership stake in the Browns and a piece of the pie at Pilot Flying J. I mean if that didn't do it, what would? The Haslam family would probably give him a blank check. The #grumors will never end at Tennessee and I hope they never do. They're fun. Exhausting, but fun. If it ever happens, Vol Twitter will shut down the Twitter servers. At this point it's half wanting him for football purposes, half wanting him for "I TOLD YOU SO!!!!" purposes. Both would be glorious.

5. Will paying Brady Hoke in pizza help Tennessee save up the extra cash?

I don't think so. I mean Gruden would walk in from day one making Saban money. I thought they'd be able to save some money by not having to provide him a headset, but he's apparently going to wear one which makes me sad. He's shown up to both his pressers in gym shorts, which is quite the look for him. Maybe they're saving money on pants? I don't know.

It's funny though -- I had an ongoing bet with a buddy of mine that we would get a Ed O vs. Brady Hoke game this year. I was all over this from the second Butch hired him. I can't believe it actually came true. For my sanity, I just hope he can take care of Vanderbilt.