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4th Annual Paul Crewe SEC Survivor Pool: Week 12

Sorry, guys.

Well, I mucked up and forgot to get this posted until late in the game last week. Thankfully, all but 2 of you made your picks anyhow, and I think that’s sufficient for not doing some crazy rigged system to overcorrect my error.

Alas, EggplantWizard and glaucons, your fate was in my hands and I do not regret seeing the last breath leave your bodies.

Energyman, that’s what you get for picking Vandy against anyone but a directional school.

This Week’s Games

UL Monroe @ #6 Auburn

A tune-up for Auburn, before they square off for a potential SEC Championship and Playoff berth. UL Monroe can score. But they can’t stop a two-legged deer. Auburn in the dreaded let-down/look ahead sandwich. Upset special?

#16 Mississippi State @ Arkansas

Should have beat Bama. Now they follow up heartbreak with a road game against a very bad Arkansas team. Were this your usual “just bad” Arkansas, this might be a recipe for a Dan Mullen disaster. Instead, it’s a really bad Arkansas who just fired their AD, though one who needs to win its final two games to get bowl eligible. But it seems they’ve quit on the season...

Kentucky @ Georgia

Kentucky sucks. I’m still pissed Poseur ranked them over us all those weeks ago. But Georgia is coming off potentially having their season rattled. The Dawgs have the East locked up, and this should be a layup.

UAB @ Florida

Florida has been unimaginably bad under Randy Shannon, going into full surrender cobra vs. Missouri. A bit more valiant last week, but still beaten. The Gators will miss a bowl this year and they may be looking ahead to an FSU win to in some way salvage a disastrous season marred with scandal, firing the head coach and poor on-field performance. UAB didn’t play football last year and has a chance to go get a signature victory in Gainesville. I’m rooting for the Blazers.

#20 LSU @ Tennessee

Yet another team in shambles takes on yet another good team. It’s the theme of the week. Tennessee anointed failed Michigan coach Brady Hoke to finish out a bad year in Knoxville. Is this an audition before O gets to beat current Michigan coach in a bowl game?

Texas A&M @ Ole Miss

This has all the makings of one of those stupid bullshit games where 90 points are scored midway through the 3rd quarter. A&M thumped New Mexico, but... it’s New Mexico. They are better than Ole Miss. But against Ole Miss... on the road... there’s some earmarks for hilarity here. Please godz give us SEC silliness.

Missouri @ Vanderbilt

Mizzou started the season like trash and warmed themselves up to lukewarm garbage. Vanderbilt started the season like lukewarm garbage and cooled down to trash. The battle for SEC Least supremacy may be next week, but this one ain’t that far off.

It’s a bad slate of games!