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T-Bob Hebert’s A Song of Purple & Geauxld: Week 11

An Engagement in Orange.

T-Bob Hebert

The Swamp King smiles inwardly as his gaze sweeps across the room. There is much feasting and merriment in Lord Orgeron’s halls. The invading force led by Lord Bielema had been soundly defeated and the savory scent of roast pig fills the hall as the Swamp King’s troops enjoy the well earned spoils of war.

In his contentedness, Lord Orgeron allows his mind to wander…

Though the defeat of the Razorbacks was thorough the Swamp King knows it is not enough. The winds of winter begin to blow and Lord Orgeron realizes that campaign season is coming to a close. Not long until the frost gods demand that armies throughout all of Southeasteros retire until next season. Sensing that time is of the essence, the Swamp King knows a move must be made. Despite the victory over the forces of House Bielema, the coffers of Baton Rouge lay nearly empty. The defeats at the hands of Lord Mullen, the Men of Troy, and the Crimson Emperor had cost the Swamp King dearly. There were still those who would see him deposed. Those that would see another sit on the Marsh Throne. A dangerous sentiment in these unsure times...

Revolution seems to have swept throughout all of Southeasteros. Already coups had been staged in the lands of Gainesville, Oxford, Fayetteville, and Knoxville with the people rising up an d executing their former leaders. Lord Orgeron knows that if he is to avoid a similar fate, he must continue to bring victory to his people. Yet, the Swamp King is shrewd and he recognizes that in this instability there is also great opportunity.

Having already defeated the others, Lord Orgeron sets his sights upon the river town of Knoxville. As a major trading hub on the water, the power and riches of Tennessee had once been great indeed. Led by the legendary Lord Fulmer (who was said to enjoy eating as much as fighting) Tennessee had once ruled all of Southeasteros, but that was many years ago, and currently the “Volunteers” are but a pale imitation of their past greatness. All the political infighting and military blunders had finally come to a head as merely one week ago the people had risen up against Sir Butch Jones, executed him, and replaced him with another failed general Sir Brady of House Hoke.

Thus does Tennessee seem the perfect target for the Swamp King’s forces. The riches of Knoxville are still great indeed and should Lord Orgeron emerge from Castle Neyland victorious all problems of supply would be virtually eliminated.

Therefore the Fighting Tigers will go on the march once more. This time as the hunter, not the hunted. The lands of Southeasteros are perilous indeed and only the strong survive. Expect no quarter, give no quarter, and the Gods of Battle alone will decide who is worthy of Glory. So heed my message Volunteers, a reckoning approaches, and the day of your Doom draws nigh…

Audio available here.