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Playin’ ...”Nice” with Good Bull Hunting

I got y’alls next coach right here! Hey Rush where are you going?!

Alabama v Mississippi Photo by Butch Dill/Getty Images

1. So now that Kevin Sumlin is about to be flush with cash in a college town, what trendy Texas business will he go into next — barbecue or micro-brewing?

Breakfast taco delivery. It's the most popular he's ever been.

2. Speaking of rich guys with a lot of time on their hands, has anybody pulled Johnny Football into the booster game yet?

Johnny is currently on a vision quest in the Colorado Rockies. We're going to let him come back to us in his own good time.

3. Let's talk coaching candidates. Now that Jim Mora is free of the glitz and glamour of UCLA, how long can you wait to get him down on the farm before somebody else snatches him up?

Oooh, I bet our administration is cooking up a straight-up coach trade. Imagine how they'll spin the benefits of a Mora hire: he already knows the offensive coordinator!

4. Or maybe, given the proximity to the city that he says he founded, Houston Nutt?

One can dream. Can't spell GIG 'EM without GIGGITY.

5. Has anybody discussed Louisiana roads with Tony Buzbee? Because that tank is almost definitely over the load limit and sink holes are a thing.

Shhhh, don't tell him.