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Tell the Truth Monday: Texas A&M

On Mondays, we tell the truth.

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Louisiana State Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports
  • We found a new way to go 9-3, dropping a game to non-conference foe, but also upsetting the conference’s best team.
  • Which is to say, 9-3 is still a very good season, especially when you look at the disasters at traditional powerhouses in Florida and Texas, or even Notre Dame last season.
  • The staff put together a plan to highlight every senior imaginable, and that’s fun. Nice to see Etling, Williams, Chark, Gage, and Moore get some shine on the way out the door.
  • Obviously, would have been nice had the defense kept the pedal down in the early third so this game never got remotely interesting and those guys could enjoy a nice fourth-quarter rest.
  • This defense really misses Arden Key. He’s the true closer on the unit and his presence takes them from a good unit to a great one.
  • Etling seemed to reserve his best performances for the Aggies, breaking the 300-yard barrier only twice in his career, both times against Texas A&M.
  • He was always a bit maddening for the plays left on the field. Even last night, several open targets he inexplicably missed, which would have taken his great stat line to borderline record breaking territory.
  • He’s had a solid LSU career and he’s a nice first step in the direction of solving our long time QB woes.
  • I’ll remember, mostly, his toughness and his resiliency.
  • However, it would be nice to have a bonafide playmaker back there.
  • This team improved a lot from a dreadful September. The BYU win was a clear false positive, and I think that may have built some of the over confidence that caused the State and Troy losses.
  • You’ll wonder if we will look back on this as the season of what could have been. State lost four games. Troy is much better than people want to pretend (arguably our third-toughest opponent this season, but still a game LSU should win). Should this have been a one-loss team owning a share of the SEC West title?
  • We’ve got to get through silly season round one and many of our conference foes are making rushed and dubious decisions to patch things over before early signing day. I’m sure it will all go well for them.
  • Schiano to Tennessee? Or not? Mullen to Florida? Sumlin out of the league to ASU? Bert gone, does Malzahn actually go to Arkansas? Ole Miss still has to hire somebody...
  • Timing wise, I’m glad LSU isn’t doing it this season with early signing period. This staff can focus 100-percent on the recruiting trail. They need to pick over some carcasses.
  • Yes, there will be some Matt Canada rumblings, but he’s apparently not a major recruiting factor for the remaining targets.
  • Canada did a nice job this season, but it wasn’t so overwhelming that I think he’s irreplaceable. He’s got a mixed track record and I think LSU can find another strong OC.
  • It’s probably too air-raid for O’s liking, but Phil Longo, who just coached a top 25 offense at Ole Miss despite all their issues, would be a guy I’d be calling. He’s an outstanding coach.
  • Back to this team: nine wins, beat the best team in your division, and a chance to hit the double-digit win plateau for the first time since 2013.
  • This in a year of transition and rebuilding. There’s still some long term questions to answer, but early O returns are good.
  • It’s too bad LSU didn’t hire a sure thing, like Tom Herman.
  • Bourbon never stopped being delicious all season.