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Playin’ ...”Nice” with Arkansas Fight

Eric from Arkansas Fight talks Bud Light and buyouts.

Arkansas v Mississippi Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

1. Idea -- we agree to just recycle the Golden Boot for scrap metal, and give y'all the proceeds towards BERT's buyout?

How’s the price of gold looking these days? That might not be enough to cover that buyout. We might just need a check from Uncle Jerry Jones for this one. Plus if we’re gonna scrap a trophy we need to kill the sponsored trophy with Mizzou.

2. What is the tougher choice for BERT: choosing between Austin Allen, the little brother of Brandon, and Cole Kelley, a lineman-sized quarterback, or when he gets asked if he likes Bud Light for being less filling, or because it tastes great?

We all know Bielema loves Vegas, he’s probably going with the QB depending on what turns up on his office roulette table. It’s how he makes all his decisions and is the only explanation for how TJ Hammonds is getting less than five touches per game. The Bud Light dilemma, however, is the kind of thing that will keep a man up at night.

3. Is it true that the Waltons plan on saving on Arkansas' next OC by just having a factory full of low-wage labor playing X-Boxes for 16 hours a day?

Of course not that’s ridiculous.

Arkansas is clearly a PlayStation school.

4. As is our custom for all Arkansas writers -- what is your favorite way to consume your own team's mascot?

I’ll take some good slow cooked pork carnitas over just about anything. Give it some good spices and put it in a taco and I’ll take it seven days a week.