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ATVS Roundtable: Let’s Go Bowling

Krewe talks where we’d like to see the Tigers play one last time this season.

Buffalo Wild Wings Citrus Bowl - LSU v Louisville Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

So, how do we feel about bowl possibilities, and what does your ideal destination or opponent look like?


I had said this privately to Billy recently but the only thing I care about right now is that Auburn and Alabama both don't make the playoff. LSU could go to Shreveport for all I care as long as only one of those teams is in the playoff. Ideally, the only SEC team is Georgia.


If you're not in a New Years 6 bowl all of them are basically the same. I don't see the Citrus taking LSU again, so the Outback is another Florida bowl which seems fine. I'd prefer Michigan to Michigan State as an opponent, but we haven't played them in a long time so it's fresh. That seems fine.


I'm all about that time slot this year. Night makes it easier to watch, obviously, and early bowl games on New Year's Day are not nearly as fun as a grownup.

After that, whatever matchup and location can get the players juiced up, because that's really all that matters. Michigan would be cool, because we've never played them. Maybe a Citrus Bowl birth gets my daughter a Disney trip. Although they seem unlikely to take us two years in a row. It's hard to say it doesn't matter — because it damn sure will if LSU loses — but honestly, in this instance it's all about making it fun.


I still have a few glory years left of New Year's Eve festivities before I find myself having trouble even staying up until Midnight, so an early New Year's Day bowl game isn't in my cards in nursing the previous night. Unfortunately, I think it's either Citrus or Outback for us, neither doing me much favors, but Citrus gives me an extra hour so let's go with that one.

For the team, while it seems like Michigan State is the likeliest option, I would much rather Notre Dame to help re-live that 2007 Sugar Bowl thrashing we gave Brady Quinn and that soft Irish team.


I’ve never been to Disney World. So that’d be cool, to see what the big ole fuss is about.


I don't much care. We're going to get the Outback or the Citrus. By order of finish, we deserve the Citrus, but we played there last year, so they might drop as a slot. Whatever. Both are games in Florida on New Year's Day against a Big Ten team. I make my annual plea to play Michigan, knowing that it won't happen because the universe hates me.

As long as it’s one of those two, that's the bowl the team earned.


Whatever gets us playing Michigan.


I think we’ve all agreed LSU will end up at either the Citrus or the Outback this year. Personally, I’d like to see a matchup against Michigan. They’re a solid team we’ve never played before, and it’s sure to be an interesting one.