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“Is this a thing? Are we in a thing?”

Florida State v Duke Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Hi. Managing Editor/Chief Lackey PodKATT here. I know we don’t normally talk like this, but I’ve had something nagging at me the last few days. Here in my super palatial Ivory Tower of SB Nation Editorship (a basement storage room full of koozies and self-doubt), I sometimes feel like I might be disconnected from the greater LSU fan opinion on certain matters. The wild events of the last few days have brought a particular issue to my concern.

After a protracted game of chicken with the FSU administration, it appears Jimbo Fisher will indeed be moving on to A&M at the end of this season. Word on the street is that the Aggies, after having to write a $10 Million buyout check to Kevin Sumlin, are turning in to their skid of crazy and offering Jimbo some kind of insane 10-year deal.

In 2015 when LSU first tried to fire Les Miles, it was pretty clear the administration wanted Jimbo, and they basically got played for a fiddle. Whether or not Fisher ever had any real interest in the LSU job beyond using it to get himself a raise is debatable. Jimbo was also never really much of a candidate for this job at the end of 2016 when LSU went looking again and settled for Coach O, who’s had a rocky and embarrassing start, but has managed to right the ship enough to put LSU in line for it’s first 10 win season in many years

I’ve had no real emotional reaction to the Jimbo to A&M news beyond amusement of how much a mess FSU must be for Jimbo to want to leave and at A&M for voluntarily saddling themselves with an unwieldy buyout yet again. But (*sigh*, I’m really writing this) certain folks in the radio and HOT TAEK business are CONVINCED LSU fans are going to burn Baton Rouge TO THE GROUND if this hire goes through.

But I don’t see this rage. I mean, yeah, Joe Alleva looks like an idiot, but what else is new? We’re talking about a man who got skunked on a SOFTBALL COACH hiring. Falling bass-akwards into decent coaching changes is kinda what Alleva does. We’ve also written many times here on ATVS, both before and after the fiasco at the end of 2015 that we never really wanted Jimbo because he skeeves us out. So if he goes to A&M, I’ll kinda just be Meh about it.

Am I wrong on this? Am I so disconnected from what the average LSU fan feels right now that I’ll be trampled by the stampede of angry fans looking to burn the athletic department to the ground over this great failure? Answer the poll and lemme know in the comments below.

EDIT: SO HEY, 5 minutes after publishing this, Jimbo took the A&M job. Same question though, are you mad about this?


If A&M hires Jimbo Fisher, are you gonna be mad about it?

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