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RIP Bitcoin Bowl. You were to beautiful to survive.

It’s time once again for everyone's’ favorite part of winter. Bowl season is here, and....80 of in college football will compete for the honor and glory of being claimed champion of the...(*checks paper* “this can’t be real?” “Ok, whatever”) Cheribundi Tart Cherry Boca Raton Bowl

Anyway, as with bowl season, the pick’em game returns for a final, separate hurrah. No prize is on the line (OK, maybe some stickers), just the honor and pride among your peers of fellow degenerates. This is a straight up spread pick’em pool. None of that confidence point nonsense here.

Joining the game is easy. Anyone who’s played the pick’em the last few years, check your email for an invite to the game. For new players, just go to and sign up for an account. Then click THIS LINK to join our pool. The password is geauxtigers

Here are my picks for the week ahead. Again, you can make all of your bowl picks now or wait until just before kickoff of each game. I’m only making the next week’s worth of picks here for illustrative purposes. Just remember PICKS ARE DUE BEFORE KICKOFF!