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Stat Watch: Notre Dame

An advanced stats look at the Irish

Wake Forest v Notre Dame Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

After a month or so break, stat watch is back to take a look at the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and what problems they could pose for LSU in the Citrus Bowl

This Season

A note on these stats: The offensive and defensive S&P+ marks are calculated as adjusted scoring averages and for the situational ratings, above 100 is good and below 100 is bad. Links to an explanation on the various stats here, here and here:

  • S&P+ Percentile: 88.3 percent (14th in FBS)
  • Offensive S&P+: 33.9 (24th in FBS)
  • Offensive Rushing S&P+: 130.6 (5th in FBS)
  • Offensive Passing S&P+: 102.0 (59th in FBS)
  • Defensive S&P+: 22.6 (30th in FBS)
  • Defensive Rushing S&P+: 123.0 (13th in FBS)
  • Defensive Passing S&P+: 132.0 (4th in FBS)
  • FEI: .208 (13th in FBS)
  • F/+: 45.3 percent (11th in FBS)

After Alabama and Auburn, Notre Dame is clearly the best team LSU has played this year. They are Top 20 in six of the nine stats measured here and outside the Top 30 in only one. They boast one of the best rushing attacks in college football, with a tremendous lead back in Josh Adams. Their passing game is pretty mediocre, so if LSU could contain the run game they could make life hell for the Irish with the Tigers secondary. But playing so many young guys, especially upfront, will make that a tough ask, though the Irish are missing two players themselves due to suspension. The Irish defense is good, not great, but they are Top 15 in both run and passing S&P+ so they’re clearly formidable. It’s going to take LSU’s best effort if they’re to pull off this victory, especially with off the field turmoil hanging over the team.