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ATVS Roundtable: LSU is Headed to the Citrus Bowl

Again! But this time, we get the Fighting Irish.

NCAA Football: Citrus Bowl-Louisiana State vs Louisville Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Well, LSU is headed back to the Citrus Bowl to face Notre Dame — how do we feel about this?


It's the Citrus and it's Notre Dame and it's a really good opponent for LSU but still feels a bit hearing that same old song on the radio again. Bowls are fun largely when we get to experience matchups we haven't seen in ages or ever. I want LSU/Michigan. I want LSU/Stanford. I want LSU/Oklahoma State. I want LSU/NC State even!

Instead, we play a team we played just four years ago, though a lots changed in that timeframe. New coach here. New defensive coordinator there after they almost flirted with firing their head coach as well. ND is a really good team this year. They walloped a really good USC team. They also got trashed by Stanford and Miami. So it's very much a game LSU can win, but may enter as underdogs.

But hey, roller coasters!


We played in the Orange Jr. and we played Notre Dame three years ago. Bowl games are supposed to be about fun when you're 9-3 and none of this seems particularly appealing to me.

I would have taken the Outback against Michigan State over this in a heartbeat.


Two paws up. Scientifically, considering LSU’s strong performance against Citrus-themed schools (Syracuse) and in Florida-based games (suck it, Gators) this season, I’m optimistic that we will exact revenge from our last meeting against Notre Dame.

Plus: New Years Day mimosas or margaritas or mojitos.

(Or grapefruit palomas if you’re fussy.)


It is ridiculous, but I'm of the age that Notre Dame will always hold a certain cachet. Even if Notre Dame hasn't been the Notre Dame of my youth for a good two decades, it doesn't really matter to me emotionally. The helmets, the leprechaun, the uniforms... It will always be Notre frickin' Dame. I will never turn my nose up when it comes to playing the Irish, as they make it a big game by virtue with their presence.

Also, considering we were once 3-2 and hadn't even hit the tough part of the schedule yet, I don't believe any LSU fan is in the position to think any bowl game isn't good enough for them. If you had told me then that LSU would be playing the Irish in the Citrus Bowl, I would've thought you were taking crazy pills. So I'm taking those pills with a mimosa or two, and enjoying just how far we have come.


Yeah, I think I'm with Poseur. Notre Dame still gives this game some juice, especially with them being ranked. It's not a new opponent, but in terms of matchups it still has a marquee aspect to it, and I would imagine that the players will care more about a name team than, say, Michigan State or NC State. Yeah, I wish it was Michigan too.

And yeah, a lot of this group went to Orlando last year as well, but the one upside to that is everybody wants to go to Disneyworld -- I'm even looking into trying to go, just to take my daughter for a day. I would think that will help. All things considered, in terms of recycled match-ups, this is probably a better scenario.


It's the best scenario for me as well. Good opponent, we can go back and relive that 2007 Sugar Bowl rout, and it may give me a reason to go to Universal and check out the Simpsons exhibit there. Plus it's always fun to see Notre Dame take the big L.


My best friend is a Notre Dame fan so I have no problem playing them. Would be cool to see it in a different venue I guess. A lot of people wanted Michigan but I'd like the first time we play them to be in the regular season or in a playoff game. All in all, I don't really care as a fan. It's playoffs or bust for me. Bowl games are just exhibition's. Fun for the players, fun for you guys who'll spend New year's in warm place. Not fun for me waking up hungover in minus-20 degree Montreal.

I. Just. Want. LSU. In. The. Playoffs.


I’m not going to lie, it’s a bit boring to see LSU in the Citrus Bowl yet again with a recent opponent. Several people - myself included -wanted to see the Michigan matchup. It’s not a reach by any means for LSU to come out with the W on this one. But, how about a playoff appearance in the future?