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Jorian Baucom Transfering from LSU

Deadly striker is leaving LSU for Colorado

Ari Ross

Today Colorado officially announced Jorian Baucom’s transfer from LSU. Sources have said that the decision to switch schools was based on a differences of opinions between Baucom and LSU head coach Brian Lee as well a search for a better fit and a higher level team. LSU finished the 2016 season 7-11-1 overall and failed to appear in the SEC and NCAA Tournament after taking a step forward in 2015, going 13-6-4 and participating in both postseason tournaments.

Baucom ends her LSU career with 57 caps and netting 33 goals and seven assists. In 2015, Baucom was in contention for the most goals scored in the NCAA before running into a dry spell. She ended the season with 15 goals. Jorian spent most of her LSU career as half of a talented attacking duo with Summer Clarke. The two were most effective in 2015, netting 22 goals. But when the nucleus of the midfield behind them left, their numbers took a dive in 2016.

There was a period of time in 2015 when Jorian Baucom and Leonard Fournette were playing an absurd game of “anything you can do, I can do better” within their respective sports, showcasing athleticism that resembles a Nike commercial. But it appears the frustrations of the 2016 season have lead to the split.