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POSTGAME: South Carolina 88, LSU 63

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LSU falls to 9-12 in eighth straight loss

NCAA Basketball: South Carolina at Louisiana State Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Boy oh boy the Tigers sure did lose a tough one tonight, what a shame. They really tried their hardest out there, holding the Gamecocks (18-4, 8-1 SEC) to 49% from the field. That’s not even half of their shots! Sure, they may have scored 88 points, but that’s just circumstantial. Plus I’m sure the referees had something to do with it, as Coach Jones himself called a timeout in the second half to let the refs really hear it about a bad call! He got a technical foul for this.

LSU fell juuuust short in a few categories, but that’s fine because the excited crowd of about 1.5 million really had some fun! The Gamecocks won the rebounding battle 38-36 and made 12 more free throws, but LSU did lead in one key category: turnovers! The Tigers managed to out-turnover the Gamecocks tonight 22-14, and the 22 turnovers is good for their season high! Truly remarkable. And Brandon Sampson finished with 16 points and really looked good at times and.....and.....sigh.

Well folks, if you truly want me to go in depth about what happened here, just look at any one of the last six postgame articles. It really is the same damn game night in and night out at this point, with no change or hope of improvement in sight. The crowd is dwindling to nothing and may actually be empty by the time the home finale rolls around a month from now. That’s a real damn shame considering where this team was last year and the year before right around this time. It’s really apparent nothing will truly change with the team until Johnny is gone, and I’m afraid that won’t happen until after the season. This one just might be a wash, and we still have nine games left.

LSU takes their 9-12 (1-8) record to face off against the Texas A&M Aggies this Saturday night at 8pm in the PMAC. That game will be televised on ESPNU.