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Bruce Feldman Goes Inside LSU on National Signing Day

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Fantastic piece from one of the best in the business.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Louisiana State John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Fox Sports’ Bruce Feldman was able to embed with LSU for the final rush through National Signing Day earlier this month, for a story that you’re definitely going to want to read.

It’s Bruce, so the story is top notch and has more than a few interesting nuggets, including how word began to trickle out on the final names the Tigers were pursuing, along with some of the ways Ed Orgeron has begun to shape the program.

Some nuggets...

  • Unsurprising that one of the last things done before sewing up 2017 is to begin discussing 2018, which in LSU’s case certainly focuses on running backs.
  • Texas linebacker K’Lavon Chaisson was a silent commit to Texas at one point, with Orgeron crediting outside linebacker coach Dennis Johnson and Orgeron made a 5 a.m. visit.
  • And the coaching staff began to figure out that they had the flip when Chaisson’s grandmother informed them of a significant purchase of LSU merchandise.
  • The close at linebacker was naturally a large sub-plot as well, with Dave Aranda mentioning the right time to back off Tyler Taylor and avoid putting too much pressure. Knowing when to change speeds is an underrated skill in this process.

It’s an extraordinarily well-done piece, and well worth your time.