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GAMETHREAD: Men’s Basketball vs. Auburn, 6pm, SEC Network

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LSU attempts to salvage...something...anything...

NCAA Basketball: Louisiana State at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

As I type these words, we’re fifteen minutes from tip off and I’ve, and I say this with a complete lack of sarcasm, been in an LSU Tennis crowd about the size of this. May as well start giving out free crawfish for these games, too. The Tigers are now on a thirteen game losing streak, boasting a 9-17 (1-13 SEC) record. Their 7-7 record at home is now in jeopardy of becoming a losing record.

As you might recall, we almost slipped up and gave Auburn the business a month ago in the Auburn Arena, another new basketball arena in the SEC that vastly out-classes the PMAC, but that’s for another bickering article. The Tigers of the Auburn persuasion edged out the Baton Rouge Tigers 78-74 in the middle of January, and they enter tonight’s contest with a 16-11 (5-9 SEC) record. If something wacky like this miserable streak breaking will happen, tonight is the night for it. That being said, don’t expect it.

This game tips off at 6pm on the SEC Network, follow along on Twitter @marq113 or join the discussion in the comments below.