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Football: Transfers and Schedule Notes

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Designated purple and gold games are set for 2017.

NCAA Football:  Florida at Louisiana State Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

A few news and notes from Wednesday afternoon — for starters, LSU will be losing reserve offensive lineman Andy Dodd to a graduate transfer following the spring.

Dodd appeared set to take over for Ethan Pocic, but it appears that LSU’s staff wants to slide Will Clapp to the center spot. Dodd probably feels he has a better shot to start elsewhere. It’s a hit depth-wise. While the word is that Dodd was likely to be overtaken by redshirt freshman Lloyd Cushenberry, he was still an experienced option for the interior. Plus, Clapp is coming off a shoulder injury.

In some other news, a release lays out some of the events schedule for the 2017 football season:

  • The Troy game on Sept. 30 will be both LSU’s homecoming game and designated as the “purple” game, in which the team will wear purple unis and fans will be asked to wear the color as well.
  • The “gold” game will be Oct. 14 against Auburn.
  • The LSU Salutes celebration will coincide with the Arkansas game on Nov. 11.
  • The newest members of the LSU Hall of Fame will be introduced at the Syracuse game on Sept. 23; and
  • The Texas A&M game on Nov. 25 will be the National L Club Letterman’s Game.

Additionally, LSU is accepting new season ticket and parking pass requests, with a deadline of March 31.

Also, I recently sat in with the Two Stripes podcast to discuss LSU’s transition from Les Miles to Coach O. Give it a listen.