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Practice Injury Sidelines Bryce Jordan for 2017

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2016 1st Team All-SEC DH will undergo knee surgery soon.

Michael Wade \

Season ending injuries are never fun, but they’re even worse when it comes in the final preseason practices. JR Bryce Jordan, the SEC’s 2016 HBP leader and the presumptive starter at DH for the Tigers in 2017, suffered a major knee injury in practice on Tuesday that will require season-ending surgery. Jordan batted .289 with 5 HRs last year and used his uncanny ability to take a pitch to contribute a .419 OBP.

According to reports, the injury occurred while Jordan was subbing in at 3B in practice for other players who had minor injuries. From Tiger Rag:

He overran a foul popup and felt his knee buckle while trying to stop.

Jordan was able to walk off the field, Mainieri said, but MRI results Wednesday morning revealed “significant” structural damage that’ll require surgery.

A specific diagnosis of the injury weren’t readily available. Mainieri only received word a few hours before Wednesday’s practice and had to break the news to his players via text message. Jordan was scheduled to see a knee specialist Wednesday afternoon for further examination.

“My heart is just broken for him,” Mainieri said. The other part of this equation is your team and the effect it’s going to have on them. “Experience tells me that whenever something like this happens, you can walk around and pout for your team or you can hope somebody else steps up and fills the void that is left.”

Along with losing an all-conference DH and a veteran team leader, LSU also loses one of it’s best utility players in a year when much of the lineup is not quite solidified, especially at 3B and 1B where we had projected he might end up this year. Instead of the Freshmen listed on the depth chart behind him, Mainieri says he will likely opt for a more veteran backup to fill the role on opening night, possibly Jordan Romero or Bryce Adams.