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Jaray Jenkins Commits To LSU

Matt Canada gets his first weapon for 2018.

Three-star wide receiver Jaray Jenkins is just plain fast. He’s fast on the field. He’s fast on the track, as evidenced by his recent 10.8 100m dash at his recent track meet. And apparently, he’s fast with decisions. Jenkins was called earlier tonight and given an LSU offer. He took a little time, called Ed Orgeron back and made it official.

While center Cole Smith made it 10 commits over the weekend, the first nine were all on the defensive side of the ball. Maybe Matt Canada realized this whole class may be all on defense and had to start getting some spots. Sarcasm of course. Jenkins fits a perfect role for Canada’s offense, which implements a speedy guy in the slot, which is where Jenkins will do his damage.

What Jenkins Brings

When you watch his footage, there’s a very quick resemblance that forms. Take a short drive down LA-8 W and US-165 S and you hit Alexandria, the home of current wide receiver D.J. Chark. The new No. 7 looked very similar to Jenkins. Both 6-1 in high school, both that slim frame and both with the blazing speed. Chark showed a little more ability to go up and get the ball however, while Jenkins is a lot more elusive with the ball in his hands. With both receivers, you just don’t have an angle on them. If you make one small error, you may as well just watch Jenkins score. His route tree will have to grow, but the skillset is apparent.

With a rollercoaster of a ride that was the 2017 WR class in the rearview mirror and a new WR coach at the helm, Matt Canada and Mickey Joseph have a lot of names to sift through for 2018, not just from in-state talent but nationally too, and Jenkins may have been the first diamond they found in the sifter.