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GAMETHREAD: LSU v. Louisiana College, 6:30, SECN+

LSU and their last-minute addition to the schedule get going in the penultimate game before SEC play starts.

San Diego-LSU was a total washout last week and will not be made up, so in order to compensate for the hole in the schedule, they reached out to Louisiana College for a last-minute “makeup” game for the two schools.

Louisiana College is a small private baptist NCAA DIII school from Pineville, Louisiana. The Wildcats are 13-4 on the season, but against much lesser competition.

LSU has a vice-like grip on the all-time series record, 20-2 with a 10-2 win in the last meeting in 2012, which was also a last minute addition to replace a rained out game.

Louisiana College: Jacob Buchanan (4.12 ERA, 24 IP, 2.70 K/BB [27/10])

LSU: Zack Hess (4.05 ERA, 13.1 IP, 1.88 K/BB [15/5])