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March Badness Round One, Interception Region: Garcia vs. Madkin

The Palmetto McConaughey vs. State's most successful quarterback pre-Dak.

Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

Our bracket of the best bad quarterbacks in college football history will open up with our No. 1 overall seed vs. a late 90s classic: former South Carolina legend Stephen Garcia vs. former Mississippi State Bulldog Wayne Madkin.

No. 1 Stephen Garcia

What was good: Garcia arrived in Columbia as a highly touted, four-star recruit for legendary QB-molder Steve Spurrier, and he has an argument as one of the best quarterbacks in school history. He led the Gamecocks to the only SEC East Division Championship in 2010, including a landmark win over the No. 1-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide. Garcia completed 17-20 passes and threw three touchdowns in helping to guide the 'Cocks to a 35-21 win, snapping what had been a 19-game winning streak for Bama.

What was bad:

Garcia Mugshot

Garcia had his share of fun at South Carolina, and probably your share, too. He was arrested within his first two months on campus in Columbia, leading to a suspension that essentially redshirted him as a freshman. He'd later be suspended following South Carolina's bowl game for the 2010 season, and lasted just five games his senior year before Spurrier would give him the boot. The recklessness followed him on the field as well, with a whopping 41 career interceptions (career passer rating of just 127.4) and completed less than 50 percent of his passes in a whopping 12 of his 40 career games.

No. 4 Wayne Madkin

What was good: a member of the Mississippi State Sports Hall of Fame, Wayne Madkin started at quarterback for the Bulldogs from 1998-2001, and finished his career as the school's all-time leading passer -- a record he held until Dak Prescott came along. Madkin led the Bulldogs to three straight bowl games from '98-2000, including the 1998 SEC Championship Game and a huge win over No. 3 Florida in 2000, a season that saw State climb to 13th in the rankings. Madkin was also a member of the all-century ream for MSU.

What was bad: well...Madkin's career statline...

Wayne Madkin Passing Stats

You don't really expect to see many quarterbacks that are considered all-time greats for their school with more interceptions than touchdowns -- especially not in the modern era of the sport. And while Madkin was a mobile QB, he still finished with just seven career rushing scores and a career rushing average of 0.6 yards per carry. He was just kind of...there for State in this era, handing the ball off and letting Joe Lee Dunn's spectacular defenses of this era carry the team. Except against LSU, against whom Madkin was just 1-3.

So what say you?