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March Badness Update: Favorites Rule

If these QBs actually played like this as heavy favorites, they wouldn’t be on this list!

Matt Jones attempts to pass
“Matt Jones attempts to pass”...famous last words.
Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Our visonquest to name the best good bad quarterback in college football history rolls on to the Execrable Eight:

Realistically, it should be no surprise that the chalk has held for this tournament, for the most part. All four No. 1 seeds, and three of four No. 2s, with the lone upset riding on the power of Steve Taneyhill’s majestic hair.

We’re set up for a classic showdown between Stephen Garcia and Matt Jones this week, along with a hair-versus-hair matchup with Taneyhill and Dr. Bo, and a couple of other terribly successful terrible quarterbacks.

Who will survive?